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pure fun

Our games draw their essence from the gameplay, with no superfluous elements. We have a great consideration for the gaming experience they provide.

short and intense

Your time is precious. That is why we design beautiful games with a short lifespan, like flowers!

accessibility &

Through affordable prices, minimal hardware requirements and simplistic controls we aim to bring very accessible content to all our players.

photo de l'équipe de flowerfield games studio de jeux vidéos à caen

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FLOWERFIELD Games is an indie game studio. Our team develops low-budget games focused on player's experience. We sell pure gameplay, entertainment in its most essential aspect, no superfluous elements.

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the last human is a biker par flowerfield games studio de jeux vidéos à caen

the last human is a biker

THE LAST HUMAN IS A BIKER (TLH) is a 2D shoot em up with rogue-lite elements, where your choices allow you to survive against swarms of aliens. This game is a tribute to 90s action movies and series, from RENEGADE to AKIRA, including MAD MAX and STARSHIP TROOPERS.

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